Monday, October 24, 2016

How to get paint off of Laminate Floors

Guys, there's been a lot of painting going on at my house. And I have a lot of toddlers. Well, ok. I don't have A LOT of toddlers, but I have two. SOMETIMES IT FEELS LIKE A LOT OK??!

So maybe one of them walked around in her shoes and maybe she got paint all over the floor because maybe I had taken out the plastic cover because it was bothering me ok?? So MAYBE THIS IS ALL MY FAULT!!

Let's not lay the blame out on who done it... let's just fix it.

Ok. So just imagine these little white paint spots ALL OVER EVERYWHERE. I do count my blessings though that at least it's not carpet in the basement!!

The solution to my problems was 100% Acetone. I first tested it in a corner of the closet to make sure that it wouldn't hurt the finish on my floors. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK!! After that, I got a little rag, poured some acetone on the rag and then got to scrubbing the floors. It worked like a charm!!

Above is the after.. MUCH BETTER!! Now excuse me while I do this in 3 rooms....


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