Sunday, October 9, 2016

A good powerwash, and vine removal!

From the moment we drove up to this house for the first time, we knew. We just KNEW that ONE DAY we were going to come back here and rip out all of the vines on the side of the house!!

Climbing vines look SUPER gorgeous on some houses, but on this one, they just didn't work. They had grown a little wild and were in between the deck boards and the siding on the house. That is when you know they have to go!!

My husband ripped it all off while I was inside taking pictures of the house (he could NOT wait), so I only got this picture of him taking off the very last bit..

Guys - the view!!

The vines had grown up the utility box thing that sits on that side of the house. They were intertwined with the wires so we had to be super careful not to cut or pull out the wires! Always make sure you keep in mind the wires when cutting down anything outside!!

After all the vines were gone, a good powerwash was in order to freshen up the boards and clean up the side of the house!!

See how filthy those boards were??? These steps were totally covered with vines!! We continued on to the sides of the deck and the exterior of the house...

Make sure all of your windows are shut tight before powerwashing the windows!!!

Now it looks like we have a brand new deck!!!

A little hard work can make a big difference!


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